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Our Santas

If you would like to hire one of our Santas, please feel free to reach out to them directly.  For all others inquiries, please visit our Contact page.

Santa Mark Hartman

Santa Joe McGrievy
Email: santaclaus@san.rr.com

Santa Greg Cook
Web Page:

Santa Dave Kerr
Email: drkerr@ucsd.edu

Santa Bob Perry
Email: raperry48@gmail.com

Santa Luis Barcenas
Email: lbarc66@gmail.com

Santa Ken-Bernice Brassell
Email: kenbrassell@gmail.com

Santa Bob Devon
Email: santa25atnorthpole@gmail.com

Santa Tony Williams
Email: tony@adcalls4u.com

Santa Steve Schafer
Email: SantaSDSteve@yahoo.com

Santa Steve Eggerman
Email: Sleggerman@gmail.com

Santa Scott Walker
Email: callscott@mac.com

Santa Glen Bailey
Web Page: santaglen.net/

Santa Rod Scatterday
Email: rscatter5430@gmail.com

Santa Mike Stillwell
Email: MagicmikeofSD@aol.com

Santa Charlie Padelford
Email: sdsantacharlie@gmail.co

Santa Jim Larson
Web Page: santasandiego.com

Santa Jim Bailey
Email: santajimnp25@gmail.com

Santa Jim Long
Email: jimlong2010@hotmail.com

Santa Wally Dohrer
Email: wdoor@sbcglobal.net

Mrs. Claus Debee Trant

Santa Billy Weller
Email: bill.weller@att.net

Santa Mike Trant
Email: miketrant@cox.net

Santa John Frazer
Email: harmonicajohns@cox.net

Santa John Webster

Santa Mark Wensman
Email: santamarkie@gmail.com

Santa Curtis Thomson & Mrs. Claus Pamela Swank-Yates
Email: hotrodqt@sbcglobal.net

Santa Dan Wheeler
Email: santawheeler51@gmail.com