Our elves are tinkering…

Tips for Preparing for Your Santa Season

For many of our Santas, the holiday season starts the beginning of October, because that’s when preparation begins. It’s important to make sure you have your Santa Kit put together and have gone through the steps to make sure your beard and suit are ready for the job.

Here are 4 different areas to go through to make sure you’re prepared for your Santa season.


Pull out your suit and inspect it for tears or odors at least one month before your first job.

  • If your suit needs cleaning (because of stains or odors), make sure you take it to a cleaners that knows how to clean Santa suits. you don’t want the red to bleed onto the white fur.
  • Check for holes or loose strings.
  • If your suit smells, take it to the cleaners or spray it with Febreze (there are pine tree and cranberry scents!) or a mixture of vodka and water.
  • Make sure you have a t-shirt to wear under your suit so you don’t sweat on your suit (you can also use Golden Bond powder or baby powder to prevent sweating).


You should always look clean and smell fresh as Santa.

  • Check and trim your nose hair if necessary.
  • Always use deodorant.
  • Use Gold Bond powder after a bath, it’ll help keep you from sweating.
  • Go to the dentist regularly, or at least before your season, to have your teeth cleaned. (Cavities can stink.)
  • Use dental floss.
  • Use mouth wash with alcohol to kill bad-breath germs.
  • Keep your fingernails cleaned and trimmed.

Hair & Beard Care

Your beard is the reason you’re Santa! Make sure it’s trimmed, soft, and ready for the start of your season.

  • Wash your hair and beard at least twice a week—keep it clean!
  • A purple-tinted shampoo will keep your hair white (just don’t leave it in too long, or your hair will turn purple).
  • If needed, dye your hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrows white; be sure to go to someone who knows what they are doing! (Retouch your dye halfway through the season if necessary.)
  • Practice on styling your beard, hair, and mustache. Do this weeks before your first event; you want to train it on how you want it.
  • Mustache wax or purple glue stick (which holds well and dries clear), will keep your mustache style in place.
  • Sleigh Masters makes a variety of scented waxes, oils, and balms in Christmas scents!

Right Before an Event

  • Take a shower/bath before you go to your event. (Your best friend is a bar of soap.)
  • After styling your hair, beard, and mustache, double check to make sure there isn’t any clumps of products left in it.
  • Brush your teeth and tongue before your event.
  • Carry mints (not gum) with you during your event/job.
  • Use body spray. Make sure the spray doesn’t have any sugar in it, or else it could make you sticky. (Bath & Body Works has a peppermint-scented body spray.)
  • If you’re using rouge, make sure it looks natural.
    • Use a makeup setting spray, high-quality baby powder, or setting powder to keep it from creasing, fading, and coming off.
    • Practice rouge application before an event. How does it look in different lighting?
    • When at your event, don’t touch your white gloves to your face; the rouge may come off on your gloves.
    • If you don’t know how to use it, don’t use it.

Other Tips

  • Get the flu shot and take Vitamin C throughout the season.
  • Smokers, pay attention to your suit and hair; they can smell like smoke from you or your car.
  • When doing magic, take off your gloves.
  • Are your belt and shoes shined?
  • Never assume you have everything, create a Santa Kit and check its contents before the season. Do a quick check on it before each event (in case you take something out and forget to replace it.)