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Santa’s Kit

Being Santa is more than just being jolly and bringing joy to kids and families, there is a lot of preparation that goes into your job. To make sure you’re ready for whatever your job brings, put together a Santa Kit to bring with you to events.

These items should remain in your kit throughout the season. You don’t want to take something out and then forget to put it back in.

Consider using a small rolling suitcase, backpack, duffel bag, “weekender bag,” or plastic tub with a lid.

These items should be inside your Santa Kit (note: you may not need all of these):

  1. Lint brush (or clear tape)
  2. Hair spray
  3. Comb or brush
  4. Mints (like Altoids)
  5. Gum (but do NOT use while working)
  6. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  7. Mouthwash with alcohol (to kill bad-breath germs)
  8. Dental floss
  9. Deodorant (reply as needed, especially on warm days)
  10. Gold Bond powder or baby powder
  11. Rouge + makeup setting spray, if you use it
  12. Lipstick, if you use it
  13. Chapstick (cherry-flavored will add a little color and peppermint or sugar cookie flavors will give you an added ‘Santa’ scent; both will keep your lips moisturized during dry winter months)
  14. Mustache wax or purple glue stick, if you use it
  15. Beard Baum or beard oil
  16. Peppermint or other Christmas-scented body spray
  17. Hand sanitizer (liquid or wipes)
  18. Febreze or other fabric deodorizer
  19. Hair dryer, if you use it
  20. 2-4 extra pair of gloves
  21. Mirror