Our elves are tinkering…

2020 Santa’s Special Delivery

To say COVID-19 turned our world upside down last year would be an understatement. Our meetings went virtual, we had to cancel some events, many of us haven’t seen loved ones in awhile… but Santa gets no days off—even in the middle of a pandemic.

We couldn’t let COVID-19 keep Santa from bringing happiness to kids all over the world! Physically and virtually, our Santas found a way to safely visit with kids and bring them the joy of Christmas at a time when it was needed most.

Of course, Santas can’t do it all without the help of all the Mrs. Clauses and the elves; they also found creative ways to spread good cheer to children in our area.

We are very grateful that the Real Santas San Diego were able to partner with Breast Cancer Angels once again in 2020. Even without our annual Chili Dinner Fundraiser, we were able to bring gifts and gladness to six families across San Diego County through our Santa’s Special Delivery program.

This past year, five of our Santas volunteered to make these special deliveries this year. Our group sends a HUGE thank you goes to: Santa Mark Hartman, Santa Bob Perry, Santa Steve Schafer, Santa Tony Williams, and Santa David Kerr and his Mrs. Claus, Dena—who helped by making two deliveries!

Mrs. Claus Kathie Wellington deserves a big thank you and applause as well. Not only did she serve as our club’s Treasurer, she also took the role of this year’s Santa’s Special Delivery Coordinator AND held her “Santa’s Treehouse” in December, which raised enough money to provide funds to 32 families in need, allowing them to have a better Christmas. Thank you Kathie for all the hard work you have put into all these projects and programs to make them a success!

Here are a few pictures from Santa’s Special Delivery 2020. Thanks again to all the Santas, elves, Mrs. Clauses and behind-the-scenes helpers who helped make these deliveries happen!

Santa Mark Hartman and the Bustria Family

Mrs. Claus Kathie Wellington

Santa Bob Perry and the Marquez -Puga Family

Santa Steve Schafer and the Curtis Family


Santa Tony Williams and the Chevez Family

Santa David and Mrs Claus Dena Kerr and the Anderson Family

Santa David and Mrs. Claus Dena Kerr and the Najera Family