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Sandy Eggo Santa
CHRISTMAS is the MAGICAL HOLIDAY SEASON of the year. For me the Spirit of Christmas is what it's ALL ABOUT. Saint Nicholas is the Patron Saint of Children because they BELIEVE in him. I like to explain to the children that SANTA doesn't make the toys, the Elves make the toys; Mattel, Fisher & Price, Tonka, Hasbro and Presley (Elvis). Its SANTA's job to bring the MOST precious gifts of all; PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS AND JOY. These are the presents Santa delivers to good little girls and boys (of ALL ages) all over the world on Christmas Eve. The Wise Men brought gifts "fit for a King" to present to a poor little baby "wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger." I believe IF children tell their parents WHAT it is they want for Christmas then on Christmas morning children all over the world will find that "Happiness" under their Christmas tree. Parents LOVE their children and want them to be happy. Gift giving serves as a spark to ignite Joy in the hearts of children and adults alike. From this spark Love, Happiness and Joy can then be shared by their family and friends. Christmas is the season of sharing gifts with others. WHEN the world learns to give the gifts Santa brings it will discover the HAPPINESS and JOY the Universe intends for mankind. Then the Prince of PEACE will truly reign throughout the world. THIS is the EVERLASTING PROMISE of Saint Nicholas to children of all ages who BELIEVE in him.