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The anticipated arrival of Santa charges the air with excitement. Assembled in front of large, empty chairs, young children impatiently await for his arrival while the older folks remember the Christmases of years past, reliving those experiences through the observations of the young.

The faint sounds of sleigh bells can be heard announcing Santa’s arrival. As the sound of bells become louder the room is electrified with anticipation of spotting Santa and Mrs. Claus. A hearty “Ho-Ho-Ho” echoes around the room as the honored guests suddenly appear. Santa is clad in his bright red suit with white fur, carrying his bag of gifts. Mrs. Claus, dressed in her matching red dress and traditional attire, smiles broadly and waves to everyone. The sounds of laughter and clapping hands surround and excite the masses even more. Such is the arrival of Santa and Mrs. C.

Santa Bob and Mrs. C are available throughout the year but are especially busy from Thanksgiving through New Years. Their schedules are sometimes complicated but Santa can be available by appointment most anytime. Contacting Santa Bob is easy and can be accomplished by sending an email to either of the email addresses below or by calling his local scheduler who will pass information to the North Pole via satellite link.
Santa Bob Devon
 (951) 764-3026