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Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 7, 2017
We want you to join us if you grow and maintain a beard for the purpose of portraying Santa Claus
We are a charitable non-profit organization intent on bringing good cheer to boys and girls everywhere. We are currently involved with our own Santa's Special Delivery as described on a page elsewhere on this web site.

Above left; Santa & Mrs. Claus' at the Janurary 2012 Santa reunion luncheon at Knott's Berry Farm Resort. FORBS Santas enjoyed 3 days of fun, education, a chance to see a number of Santa supply vendors and camaradie at the last day's luncheon. We went to Medieval Times where we sat in the red knights section and cheered for our champion with hearty HO HO HO's. The red knight did win that night and we feel our cheering made the difference.

Middle Picture is from our meeting in June of 2013

Above right: The luncheon made extra money and we donated $1,427.00 to the Boy's & Girl's Club of San Diego. An equal amount went to the Boy's & Girl's Club in Orange County.